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Europlaw Group Incorporated is established in different countries and is a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS (UIA), situated in Paris, France and a member of the GLOBAL LAW EXPERTS, situated in London, England. The holdings of the group is based in London, United Kingdom. The operational headquarters is based in South Africa. By the senior partner concept, where lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, psychological profilers and real estate-experts work together in competent teams, Europlaw Group as a holding company continuously grows adding new professional partners in new locations globally.

Europlaw Group is a boutique consultancy and transaction company focused on the implementation of capital markets, escrow agent, paymaster, project funding, monetization and merger & acquisitions transactions for medium-sized and larger firms. The group’s core strategy is based on a partnership concept through which experts from the fields of legal advice, asset management, paymaster, escrow services, fiduciary, psychological profiling, audit and tax advice deliver their services.

Europlaw Project Management (Pty) Ltd is a member company of the Europlaw Group. Europlaw Project Management (Pty) Ltd is a professional business services provider, a partner in delivering project and commodities. Europlaw Project Management (Pty) Ltd provides expertise in engineering, procurements and construction and offers a wide range of consulting, commodity, PROJECT MANAGEMENT and advisory services. We are a company focused on creating sustainable value by providing industry-leading services and solutions to satisfy our clients needs worldwide. The directors of Europlaw Project Management jointly completed successful project within South Africa and the rest of the African Continent in excess of USD 1,800,000,000.00 (One Billion Eight Hundred Million United States Dollars).

Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd is a member company of the Europlaw Group. Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd is based in Pretoria, Gauteng and provide bookkeeping, accounting, payroll administration, compliance and due diligence services, financial advisory services to small and medium sized business as well as individuals.

International Paymaster Trustees Services Group (Pty) Ltd is a member company of the Europlaw Group. International Paymaster Trustees Services Group (Pty) Ltd is the General Partner of the Europlaw Group Fund that is managed by our Fund Managers that is regulated with the Financial Services Board in the Republic of South Africa. The Europlaw Group Fund is a fund that utilises debt instruments in its composition. This option provides the fund with an investment strategy that is defined as a lower risk option, within the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry and markets. We participate in both the venture and private equity space where major banks lack financing in southern Africa.

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Civil & Litigation

Employement / Family / Litigation / Arbitration / ADR

Financial & Banking

Banking / Corporate / Insurance


Escrow / Paymaster

Offshore services

Competition / Anti-trust / Company / Insolvency / Mergers and Acquisition / Taxation / Passport and Residency / Telecommunications, Media & Technology / Deceased estate

Commercial Law

Corporate / Trade Marks and Copyright

Criminal Law

Violence / Robbery / Sexual abuse / Fraud and Computer misuse / Money laundering / Narcotics

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International Affiliation Europlaw Group is a recognised member of the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats). The International Association of Lawyers (UIA- Union Internationale des Avocats) bring....

International Business Law

Elder Law Attorneys | Business Contract Law ABOUT OUR LAW FIRM: As a client you will receive individual, comprehensive and well-founded advice in ...

Investments Program

Investments Program | When receiving large sums of money, our clients require someone to handle the payments before it reaches their banks. Instead of hiring someone full time to cover su...

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UIA (International Affiliation)

Europlaw Group is a recognised member of the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats).

The International Association of Lawyers (UIA- Union Internationale des Avocats) brings together over 2000 individual members and 200 bar, federation and association members, from more than 110 countries.

The UIA is open to all the world’s lawyers, both general practioners and specialists. Its members also include legal professionals, judges, law students and teachers.

The UIA is a multilingual and multicultural organisation, and is the only major international lawyers’ organisation to have adopted French, English and Spanish as its working languages. The UIA’s membership has extensive expertise in legal matters, which means the UIA can initiate high-level debates within its technical commissions and working groups, as well as adopts resolutions on current problems faced by the legal profession throughout the world.


International Business Law

Its our commitment to clients that we provide individual, strategic and well concieved advise in most areas of national and international business law.


Europlaw Group has built an employee-team of senior and rich experienced professionals from law, auditing, investment banking, escrow and real estate domains that work closely with clients without compromising on dedication, integrity and ambition.

Clients benefit from the team’s rich industry and domain knowledge in every business transactions they have.


The Europlaw lawyers, at each of their office locations, has dynamic and flexible teams. The team, with senior partners, offer personal attention to clients.

The team consists of experienced Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Advocates and Notaries that has rich experience from different areas of application. Exploring the proximitiy to the corporate world and with this team in place, we get more done for you with decent pricing best compared with competition.


Irrespective of your industry domains, type and business objetives, our full-service team at Europlaw Lawyers advise you on entire range of business laws. Services range from human resources law to business competiton laws, from domestic challenges to highly complicated transnational projects.

The team offers expert advises to you on all your legal questions and transaction needs.


Investments Program

When receiving large sums of money, our clients require someone to handle the payments before it reaches their banks. Instead of hiring someone full time to cover such matters, our clients are much better served by using Europlaw Group which has plenty of experience and has an existing infrastructure for distributing large payments. When dealing with such large transactions, it is crucial that everything gets handled professionally.

At Europlaw Group, this is precisely what we do best. Europlaw Group takes large, unique transactions and disburses them similarly to an escrow tailored specifically for you or your business. Europlaw Group has an entire team of experts on hand to ensure that your payments are received properly and legally. This makes Europlaw Group THE PERFECT alternative to escrows. Not only will Europlaw Group work directly with you to fill your specific needs, but Europlaw Group will also charge you much less for our paymaster services than most escrow services. Furthermore, Europlaw Group does not charge any registration fees for our services, allowing you to sign up for free. The net effect is more of your money staying with you rather than getting spent on fees.