Offshore Services

Competition / Anti-trust

Competion law and compliance investigations

Exemption applications

Instituting and defending complaints

Merger notifications

Interim relief applications


Corporate finance agreements

Registration of external companies

Share buy-backs

Corporate governance

Formation of all forms of corporate entities, including companies, close corporations business trusts

Rights offers, debenture issues and scrip dividends

Stock Exchange listings, public offerings, private placing and underwriting

Formation of share incentive schemes and trusts

JSE and SRP compliance

Schemes of arrangement

Section 21 companies, incorporated and unincorporated clubs and societies


Judicial management


Restructuring and refinancing of companies

Sequestration and rehabilitation

Schemes of arrangement and offers of compromise

Mergers and Acquisitions

Structuring of mergers and acquisitions

Unbundling transactions

Corporate restructuring and reorganisation

Due diligence investigations and audits

Management and leveraged buy-outs

Schemes of arrangement


Objections and appeals

Review of tax structures

Secondary tax on companies

Capital gains tax

Income tax advice

Passport & residency

Arranging financial immigration; Assisting with application of new passport; All related legal and documentation for offshore residency permits

Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Standard provider terms and conditions, user policies and disclaimers

Barter and airtime sponsorship agreements

Media production, including standard commissioning, distribution, license, barter deals and spin-off agreements

Press freedom and mass media liability

Promotional competitions, trade promotions and advertising regulation

Publishing, printing and distribution agreements

E-business transaction processing

Strategic sourcing, including outsourcing, system implementation and integrator agreements

Service level scoping and management

Technology policy

Broadcasting, telecommunications and convergence regulation

Hardware supply, procurement, leasing and management

Hosting services

Interconnection and facilities leasing

Network development and consulting agreements

Software licensing and management

Deceased Estate


Formation of inter vivos and will trusts

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