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About Europlaw Group


Europlaw Group Incorporated is established in different countries and is a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS (UIA), situated in Paris, France and a member of the GLOBAL LAW EXPERTS, situated in London, England. The holdings of the group is based in London, United Kingdom. The operational headquarters is based in South Africa. By the senior partner concept, where lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, psychological profilers and real estate-experts work together in competent teams, Europlaw Group as a holding company, grows continuously grows adding new professional partners in new locations globally.

Europlaw Group is a boutique consultancy and transaction company focused on the implementation of capital markets, escrow agent, paymaster, project funding, monetization and merger & acquisitions transactions for medium-sized and larger firms. The group’s core strategy is based on a partnership concept through which experts from the fields of legal advice, asset management, paymaster, escrow services, fiduciary, psychological profiling, audit and tax advice deliver their services.

Forex Brief (Pty) Ltd is a member company of the Europlaw Group. Forex Brief (Pty) Ltd is a financial services organization with its primary focus being to address the foreign exchange concerns of our clients. The company was established in 1981 as a specialist treasury management organization. Forex Brief is one of the outsourcing companies that have been acknowledged by the South African Reserve Bank, and is a Financial Services Board registered company (Reg. No. 17492). Forex Brief, is a founder member in a new association which the out sourcing treasuries, in conjunction with the SARB and FSB, are in the process of establishing a regulatory board to monitor and regulate all out-sourcing treasuries and intermediaries. Forex Brief (Pty) Ltd is responsible for the Treasury Management for offshore banking of Europlaw Group worldwide.

Tradefin International Ltd is a member company of Europlaw Group. Tradefin International Ltd specialises in Trade Finance - Paymaster functions, for companies with subsidiaries or companies, throughout the world, who need a centralised treasury. The advantage of this is that many European, Chinese, & Japanese companies like to see a “European / UK company involved in the purchase / funding of goods. It is also a non - Resident company to South Africa which has done business in Africa for many years. Tradefin International Ltd has good relationships with the banking industry, and with excellent knowledge of exchange control requirements. Tradefin International Ltd specialize in letters of credit, incoming, outgoing and also assist with working capital loans from various institutions who would like to invest in South Africa.


We strive to achieve professional excellence, by being in the forefront of our profession through the skills, expertise and solutions we offer our clients.


We use practical understanding of business matters as we seek to secure the best solution for your legal and financial protection. Our client-centred approach ensures that the client benefits from our broad business background. We protect and assist you to grow your business.


  • • Integrity
  • • Diligence
  • • Responsiveness
  • • Respect
  • • Citizenship


Europlaw Group is also active as project funders and in capital raising and market-funding transactions to monetize investors’ financial instruments and assets-market listed companies in the area of capital increases, private placements and blocked transactions. Typically these transactions are managed and implemented by the group itself. Investments are made primarily in small and medium stock-market listed companies. Innovative private companies at certain stages of their growth, e.g. in the preparation for a planned IPO, are also financed.


The Europlaw Group boutique consulting concept is quite different. The focus of all consulting projects is not any new strategy or method. Here the central focus always creates a specific, desired, and actionable transaction. We do not ask what possible, theoretical objectives can be achieved through various strategies. Rather, we do ask what strategies and tactics must be developed to implement a concrete, entrepreneurial goal. Europlaw Group consulting goes one important step further. We not only develop a new or modified strategy, but also deliver or coordinate, on this basis, the concept and the practical implementation for our clients.


The Senior Partners of the group are experts in the international world of finance, since they are actively experiencing and shaping it themselves. Their expertise is both from the perspective of operating entrepreneurs, as well as from the perspective of investors and practical experienced transaction experts.


Europlaw Group employs lawyers, auditors, investment bankers, escrow agents and real estate experts who work hand in hand. We offer you concentrated know-how for almost all types of business and legal cases. Integrity, dedication, experience and ambition are personal qualities we require most from each of the lawyers in our group.


The partners and senior partners of the Europlaw lawyers are experienced lawyers with different areas of expertise. The legal advisors and notaries are lawyers with excellent expertise. Most of the partners have many years of professional experience. By combining our proximity to the corporate world and our excellent legal expertise, the Europlaw lawyers can get more done for you in all industries and all areas of the law, both regionally and internationally.

Europlaw Group has offices and partners in several countries. The regional offices consist of dynamic and flexible teams. The client enjoys the competence of an international corporation, but also a high degree of personal attention for much better prices than with comparable large law firms.


Whatever your focus or industry, the lawyers of the full-service law firm the Europlaw lawyers advise you across the entire range of business law. From employment law to competition law, from clearly defined local challenges to complicated transnational projects, you can be sure that the right experts will advise you on the correct answers and solutions regarding your transactions and legal questions.


The satisfaction and the success of our clients are the topmost important benchmark in the quality of our work. We focus on tailor-made concepts and individual solutions for a fair price.

As a client of the Europlaw lawyers, you participate in the cross-border industry and legal expertise as well as the experience in dynamic key-markets like Europe, Africa, USA, Russia, China, India, South America and Latin America. Many of our clients operate global, multicultural and industry-related companies. Europlaw Group emphasizes a pronounced specialisation on specific industries for the largest sectors of the economy. We believe that the combination of professional expertise in business law and that of special industry knowledge is indispensable for the implementation of efficient services and for improving the quality of the advice given. The international network of partners and senior partners positions us internationally. Yet you can always reach us locally.

Not only do medium-sized and large businesses use the services of the Europlaw lawyers, but private individuals do as well. Especially for real-estate transactions, questions of succession and private purchase contracts. Both sellers and buyers use the legal competence and the transaction experience of Europlaw Lawyers.